The Company’s vision is to be a leading Lifestyle & Entertainment provider through the development and delivery of unique and quality products with variety and entertainment to create and fulfil the lifestyle of all customers.


To achieve the Company’s goal and objectives in managing the businesses, our mission are as follows:

  • Develop products, services, and entertainment which fulfil the ever-changing needs of customers
  • Emphasize on human resources development to create people with knowledge, skills and potential suitable in providing excellent services and developing better quality products
  • Operate the businesses in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance
  • Commit to social responsibility through supports for Thai people in having a better life

Core Values

The core values, which drive the Company in achieving its mission, goals and objectives, include:

  • Wow : Always support, motivate and create impression to staff, consumers, and customers

  • Achieve : Conduct businesses to achieve the Company’s goals and objectives with business integrity and ethics

  • Value : Innovative team to create value products to our customers

  • Enlighten : Continue to develop knowledge and capabilities of our people

The Company’s plan or strategy to attain such goals and objectives include creating products with quality, uniqueness, and variety to reach the target group, being competitive, having innovative and flexible marketing strategy, having efficient teamwork and staff, and conducting businesses in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance. The Company shall have ethics, respect rights and be responsible to shareholders and stakeholders, make contributions to the society, reduce negative impact on the environment, and can adapt under the changing environment. “The Company's business plan, is in accordance with the objectives and vision of the company listed above with target financial of income not less than 10%."