Wave Group recognizes the importance of operating responsibly towards society, internal and external environment of the organization in order to comply with the its CSR vision in operating its business while ensuring the development of social and environmental sustainability. The Board of Directors has set a mission to guide the operation of the Company as follow:


The Company aims to be the leader in “Lifestyle & Entertainment” by focuses on improving its product quality and maintaining a unique identity in its effort to entertain and fulfil the lifestyles of the customers and consumers.


In order to achieve its goals and objectives in its management, the Company has set out the following missions:

  • To constantly improve the products, services and entertainment business to satisfy the constantly changing demands of the customers and consumers.
  • To recognize the need to improve the human resources of the Company to be skilled and efficient and ensure creativity and product improvement of the Company.
  • To operate the business in accordance with good management principles.
  • To further realize the importance of being socially responsible and therefore, support the Thai people to live a better quality life.

Implementation and preparation of report

Wave Group has disclosed Corporate Social Responsibility report within the annual report in accordance with social responsibility principles set by the Corporate Social Responsibility Institute of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Wave Group recognizes the importance of integrating the concept of social responsibility in its management strategy and commits to strengthen the social responsibility management system throughout the organization in order to create a sound corporate culture by routinely observing the principles across the board in business execution. Wave Group also commits to fair treatment of all stakeholders and to operate with best interest for the organization and with dedication, integrity, and transparency, along with making recommendations to improving our corporate governance policy to meet the constantly evolving standard of business management, social needs and international practices as follows.

Fairness in Operation:

Wave Group always operates with good corporate governance and operates with fairness to the parties involved as well as adhere to responsible to all parties for the mutual sustainability benefits.


The Board of Directors is determined for the Company to operate honestly, with transparency and in pursuant to the principles of good corporate governance and implements anticorruption policy to combat the threat of corruption which obstructs free and fair competition and damage economic and social development. In 2020, the Company is in the process of joining the private sector's Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC).

The Board of Directors has considered and approved the latest issue of "Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy" which is disclosed on the Company's website, and outlined the rules and principles of preventing the Company, the Company's employee and all other persons that are associated with the Company (including third persons) from violating the anti-corruption law. It also outlined below how to check, manage and monitoring of compliance with Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy to ensure that the policy is being followed. The policy and guideline can be summarized as follows:

  1. The directors, executives and all employees must follow the anti-bribery and corruption policy and not to take any action that is associated with all forms of corruption whether direct or indirectly.
  2. The directors, executives and employees must not neglect nor ignore any action that is associated with corruption in the Company and notify their supervisor or the responsibly person through various channels such as email at hotline@wave-groups.com and also to be cooperative in all procedures of fact verifications. If one has doubts or questions, then one may consult their supervisor, or the person appointed to be responsible for the ethical behavior in the Company.
  3. The Audit Committee has the duty and responsibility to administrate the anticorruption policy and laws to ensure that the Company is in pursuant of its legal and ethical duty. The internal auditor has the duty and responsibility to check and verify if the duty has been carried out in pursuant of the policy, principles, regulations and laws of the organization that are involved in the procedure to ensure that there is an appropriate system to counter any corruption that may occurred.
  4. The Company's management has organized self-assessment (CSA: Control Self-Assessment) which covers risks that may arise from dishonesty or corruption on a regular basis and reconsider and update risk management measures to appropriately prevent risks to be at acceptable level.
  5. The Company shall protect those that refuse or notify any corruption that occurred within the Company as specified in the Company's Whistleblower Procedures.
  6. Those who have committed an act of corruption are taken as an unethical behavior that must be considered for disciplinary action in pursuant of the Company's regulations and also subjected to punishment by law, if such act is illegal.
  7. The Company values the important of extending the knowledge and understanding of all persons that are associated with the Company and could affect its anti-bribe and corruption policy. The Company provides training and courses in relation to anti-bribe and corruption policy to all employees.
  8. For clarity on how to proceed in situations with high risks of corruption, the Company will advise the employees to be cautious in relation to political aid, donations, funds, gifts and other services and expenses.

Respect for Human Rights:

The Board of Directors values and respect the law and human rights by ensuring that its business operations are such laws and human rights in the following policies:

Human Rights

  • To recognize the dignity, privacy and rights of each individual that are associated with the Company and to carry out nor to encourage any action that may violate such human rights.

Working Environment

  • To encourage the equality in employment and shall not, whether directly or indirectly, discrimination against race, skin color, gender, sex, age, disability, religion, political opinion or other comments.
  • To provide for employees' benefits and privileges from the Company.
  • To set up a procedure, method and system for employees to make complaint and to receive just solutions.
  • In the case of a breach of rules or disciplines, there must be an investigation to consider for punishment.

Fair Treatment to Employee:

The Board of Directors has always values the human recourses of the Company in which the Board has assigned the Human Recourses department to be responsible for the employees in areas of: compensation, fair treatment, employee development, ensure for safe working environment, suitable environment for working, management of employees' benefits in pursuant of the labor law such as health insurance, group insurance or providence fund.

Customers and Consumers Responsibility:

The Board of Directors believes in the fair treatment of customers and consumers and ensure that all commercial conditions are fair by the commercial standard and the Company is determined to distribute its products and services with the following in mind:

  • The quality and price of the products and services are in best interest of the customers and consumers;
  • The products and services are delivered to the customers and consumers within the specified time;
  • To operate in the best interest of the customers and the consumers under the confidentiality policy for, to recommend for products and services and to receive complaints.

Environmental practices:

The Board of Directors is determined to operate within he occupational health and environment standards as follows:

  • To follow the laws and regulations in safety in occupational health and environment of the local area of country that is operating in;
  • To operate within the health and environmental standard with all employees;
  • To support in the education and training of employees in health, safety and environment along with the procedures of the environmental protection under the industrial law; and
  • To disclose all factual information in relation to the safety, occupational health and environmental areas of the Company's operations.

In the environment aspect, company always monitors the environment to ensure safety to life and property of staff, customers and visitors and inspects the protection system by planning and training of fire protection to employees annually. There is a campaign to use paper efficiently, using both sides of paper in the office, to use E-mail method in order to reduce paper use, to turn off light during lunch time, to set temperature of the air-con at 25 degrees Celsius and to switch to use LED lights in the office etc. And Company will monitor and evaluate the implementation annually.

In 2020, the Company has no incidents of accident or any employee taking significant leaves or sick leaves as a result of working. Nevertheless, Wave Group has purchased accident insurance, life insurance and other types of insurance relating to work for the employees.

Community and Social Development:

The Board of Directors realizes the importance of its responsibility to the community and society and the products and services of the Company are all things that the customers and consumers may use without any negative effects to the society. The television programmes produced are nonviolent and does not require judgment to watch. Such programmes are entertaining but embedded with moral values and the Company has sent its artists as ambassadors to charities without compensation. The Company also supports the activities of the community and mindful of the all the effects that our operation could have on the community than specified by the law.

The Board of Directors wishes to continue to operate in the way that is beneficial to the economy and society, values the importance of local tradition and culture and as a law-abiding citizen. We are determined to continue lifting the standard of the society through our operation and cooperation with the state and community.