Impact Management to Stakeholders in the Business Value Chain

Business Value Chains

Wave Group has always emphasized the importance of stakeholders and realizes that it is one part of the Company’s business growth. The Company therefore analyzes and assesses the impact of the business operation process as well as the value chain to identify stakeholders. And assessing the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders to know the expectations of all stakeholders and screen all significant issues to cover all aspects of risk mitigation and mitigating the impact that could cause business disruption. Because each process is important to different stakeholders. This process will ensure that Process for creating engagement with stakeholders of the company to be efficient and effective.

Stakeholders Analysis in Business Value Chain

The Board of Directors emphasizes on the importance of all stakeholders, and has set out guidelines on stakeholder engagement equally and fairly in the business code of conduct. The guidelines were distributed to all employees since start working with the Company. The Company also takes care of stakeholders’ rights according to related laws, and shall not perform any activity that would violate the stakeholders’ rights. These codes can be summarized as follows:

  1. Employees :

    The Company shall respect human rights, and regularly promote the development of potential and competencies of the employees according to the individual capabilities and skills with fairness and equality, so that the employees are able to grow professionally with the Company. The Company shall strictly comply with the laws and regulations relating to labor laws, and employee welfare, and also take care of the quality of life, safety, health, environment, and security in workplace for the employees.

  2. Board of Directors :

    There is a proper practice according to the law and correct according to the code of conduct. They are operating in a transparent and verifiable manner.

  3. Supplier and/or Creditors :

    The company shall treat all supplier and/or creditors with strict abiding to the contracts and agreed conditions, and shall treat all parties with equality and fairness on the basis of mutual benefit for both parties. The company shall set up the rules for sourcing and organize all operations with transparency, without requesting nor receiving any benefits from supplier and/or creditors. The sourcing shall be environmental friendly as well.

  4. Shareholders/Investors :

    The Company strives to operate the business with dedication, honesty, and transparency for the Company’s best interest, and also to be fair to all shareholders, to create company’s stability and long‑term progress, and to generate return and continuous growth for the Company.

  5. Customers :

    The Company provides quality services and products, and response to the customers’ request with promptness and flexibility, in order to best serve customer satisfaction.

  6. Competitors :

    The Company shall compete for trade under a fair framework, not destroy or defame competitors’reputation, and not seek confidential information through unethical means. The Company shall cooperate to develop and grow the industry.

  7. Community and Society :

    The Company shall efficiently utilize resources, and reduce the impact on environment. The Company shall manage wastes and air pollutions, be consistently responsible for the society, community, environment, and to strictly abide by the laws.