English language school business under the trade name of “Wall Street English” (“WSE”)
Operated by Wall Street English (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Wall Street English is a language institute which operates and provides English language courses for adult learners under the name “Wall Street English”. Its operated under copyright of WSE Hong Kong Limited. At the international level, WSE has been a leading educational service provider in the world. We have over 400 centers in 28 countries operating worldwide. We helped more than 3 million students realize and achieve their dreams. We are the pioneer of being the English educational provider-our learning method is unique and is the cornerstone of the English language learning in this century. Blending between self-taught and encounter classes with our professional Native English Speaking teachers and we also provide various activities to enhance the confidence for our students to make sure that everyone can thrive and exceed their expectations.


One World, One Language
Wall Street English is weaving the citizens of the world together by providing the ability to speak the global language English. Communication is the essential key to success in the global economy and much more. We believe that investing the resources in education industry is interesting and profitable. You can become the part that drives us beyond the borders and make a difference to people lives everywhere in the world.


Wall Street English has been operating for more than 15 year in Thailand since 2003. The number of our satisfied students is growing and we’re continuing to expand our centers. Until now, we have over 63,000 students who have completed our courses and we have total 14 centers operating across Bangkok 11 centers plus 3 centers in Chiang Mai and Rayong province.

Everyone wants to be successful and everyone wants to speak the language the world’s speaking. Having a strong English proficiency can bring you to countless opportunities and lead you to an extraordinary life. You can be successful in everything and every dream that you want to achieve.