Environmental Sustainability Management

The Board of Directors is determined to operate within the occupational health and environment standards as follows:

  • To follow the laws and regulations in safety in occupational health and environment of the local area of country that is operating in;
  • To operate within the health and environmental standard with all employees;
  • To support in the education and training of employees in health, safety and environment along with the procedures of the environmental protection under the industrial law; and
  • To disclose all factual information in relation to the safety, occupational health and environmental areas of the Company’s operations.

In the environment aspect, company always monitors the environment to ensure safety to life and property of staff, customers and visitors and inspects the protection system by planning and training of fire protection to employees annually. There is a campaign to use paper efficiently, using both sides of paper in the office, to use E-mail method in order to reduce paper use, to turn off light during lunch time, to set temperature of the air-con at 25 degrees Celsius and to switch to use LED lights in the office etc. And Company will monitor and evaluate the implementation annually.

In 2021, the Company has no incidents of accident or any employee taking significant leaves or sick leaves as a result of working. Nevertheless, Wave Group has purchased accident insurance, life insurance and other types of insurance relating to work for the employees.