Index Creative Village welcomes its new alliance "Wave Entertainment" believing the collaboration will enhance creativity and business progress as it connects businesses, expands business base to the mass market while also reiterating the stance of being ASEAN's Hub of Creativity

Index Creative Village (Public Company) adjusts it's business formation as it welcomes its new partner, Wave Entertainment (Public Company), as they pave way to reform four main business groups; 1. Creative Solutions 2. Marketing Services 3. ASEAN Wings & 4. Lifestyle Experience. The joint venture aims to expand Thai-based market, from Business to Business, to become Business to Consumers, as they believe in the potential of the "3 more" business model, which includes; 1. More Creativity: expanding conventional businesses by using alternative forms 2. More Speed: move forward with consistent marketing and seeking new business opportunities 3. More Synergy: inter-connecting opportunities of common benefits between the two new business partners as they head to become the "Hub of Creativity", offering full-scale services in all aspects of marketing communications in the ASEAN region.

Mr. Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin, Founder and co-CEO of Index Creative Village (Public Company), leader of the full-scale creative marketing in the ASEAN region, and ranked the world's 7th best creative event agency (by Special Events Magazine, USA.), says, "With the strategic plan of expanding Index Creative Village and progress it in terms of business expansion and seeking new business opportunities, it is indeed a great opportunity that this year we found a perfect business match, as we celebrate our silver (25th) anniversary, which will create a positive move within Index as we join hands with Wave Entertainment, our new business partner, who has the strength and potential in Lifestyle & Entertainment business under the leadership of Khun Matthew Kichodhan, Chairman & CEO of Wave Entertainment (Public Company). And by applying our "Co-Creation" business model, the strength, experience and potential in creativity of Index Creative Village will annex with Wave Entertainment's strength and expertise in Lifestyle & Entertainment business. This collaboration will further develop our conventional businesses further by increasing our potential with "More Creativity", while continuously operating our creativity in a faster pace and a more efficiency manner with "More Speed", and connecting the business opportunity via this sincere business partnership, or "More Synergy". We are now ready to take on the task of being the leader of offering full-scale services in all aspects of marketing communications in the ASEAN region together.

Mr. Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin, also adds, "Index Creative Village will revamp our business formation to support our tasks as we reform four main business groups;"

Creative Solutions, offering services in the following categories

  1. Event Creator: expert in organizing creative events
  2. TV Production: creating unique programs using new ideas
  3. ด้Digital Online: offer advice and form on-line/mobile marketing plans as well as mobile applications
  4. In-store Media: communicating with shoppers via conventional and innovative media
  5. Communications: strategically plan communication and PR plans
  6. Museum and Exhibition: plan the strategy and management plan for organizing roadshows, permanent exhibitions and museums

Marketing Services, offering services which support marketing

  1. Research Consulting: advisory in marketing research and consumers' behavior
  2. Marketing Consulting: study the feasibility and analytical strategic plan
  3. Equipment Supply: offer rental services of supplies essential for full-scale marketing events

ASEAN Wings: the regional business supporter, offering creative marketing services in ASEAN as we expand our business in to other Southeast Asian countries, such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Lifestyle Experience: the business that creates new experience and serves the consumers lifestyle in the aspects of entertainment and daily living. This is the collaboration between Index Creative Village and Wave Entertainment.

  1. Domestic & International Concert: organize concerts within Thailand and abroad
  2. Showbiz: the alternative of stage performance with a mixture of advanced technology
  3. Live Festival: the modern performance and spectacular festivals
  4. Traveling Exhibitions: organizing roadshows and mobile exhibitions across Thailand and abroad

Mr. Matthew Kichodhan, Chairman & CEO of Wave Entertainment (Public Company) stated, "With the potential of Index Creative Village and its 25 years of experience together with Wave Entertainment's expertise in the entertainment business, we will be able to fulfill one another's ability and strengths especially the Lifestyle Experience and Showbiz business, which include concerts, live shows, TV production, as well as expanding work of other forms. Wave Entertainment (Public Company), being a prominent Content Provider, joining hands with Index Creative Village, renowned for their readiness in creativity, hardware and software, expert manpower, as well as full-scale multimedia equipments, will surely create a new experience which focuses on lifestyle and creating new experience for the modern consumers. Together, we will head towards being the Hub of Creativity.

Mr. Kreingkarn Kanjanapokin, Co-CEO of Index Creative Village (Public Company) added, "the mentioned collaboration and execution will expand the marketing base of Thailand from Business to Business into the Business to Consumers marketing, especially in Showbiz which will become stronger than ever. In August, we will launch the extravagant musical performance entitle “Roi Duriyang the Musical" at the Thailand Cultural Center as we will continuously add more new dimensions to the Thai entertainment scene.

"I believe the new business formation will be the launch pad for strengthening and expanding new branches of business in Thailand, following our planned strategic business expansion as we are the leaders of creativity and aiming to become the Hub of Creativity in ASEAN. We are confident this new joint venture will, within the next five years, create an extra revenue of THB3 Billion for Index Creative Village, says Mr. Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin.

For further information, please contact:

Umaree (Taln):         083 989 6755             

Krittika (Aum):        083 096 3787             

About Index Creative Village (Public Company):

Index Creative Village Company Limited is an organization truly driven by creativity, offering a variety of services in marketing communications, in all aspects, making us become Thailand's number one creative event organizer and ranked by America's Special Events Magazine as the 7th best event organizer in the world. Our strength is not only organizing creative events but also expanding our creativity to the limits for the past 25 years to achieve so much work, success, and reputation in Thailand and internationally. We have branches in Myanmar and Vietnam while also having business partners in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Index Creative Village Public Company Limited comprises of 9 business sectors, which include...

  1. Creative Event & Production Supply: offer a wide range of services in creative events and hi-tech equipments
  2. ASEAN Wings: focus on the South East Asian Market
  3. Innovative Creator: offers know-how and consultancy on the possibility and feasibility as well as strategy for creating Mega Projects around the world
  4. Research Consulting: offer in-depth marketing information and analysis on consumer behavior
  5. Communications: ranging from marketing communications, strategic media and PR planning
  6. Creative TV & Multimedia Creator: Create television programs as well as alternative visual and multi-media.
  7. Show Creator: turning dreams into reality for all sorts of performances; concerts, live theater, musical plays and more...
  8. Museum & Exhibition Design Production: creating the ideal edutainment via museums and exhibitions
  9. Digital Interactive & In store Media: strategically plan and execute point of sales marketing using innovation as well as offering professional on-line marketing consultancy

About Wave Entertainment (Pubic Company):

Wave Entertainment (Pubic Company) is becoming a leading Lifestyle And Entertainment Company in Thailand with distinctive businesses, devoted to offer products, services and entertainment which will win the hearts of the audience with 2 main businesses, namely;

  1. Lifestyle Business Group: which consists of the Food & Education businesses with its recent acquisition of Jeffer Steak, a leading chain of Western Food targeting teens and young adults with over 80 restaurants nationwide, and the Wall Street English, a premium English school under licensed from Pearson Public Co – the World’s largest Education Company owners of the Financial Times, The Economist Magazine, and Penguin Books.
  2. Entertainment Business Group: which consists of Wave TV Productions, the leader of producing series and soap opera shows to Channel 3, and Music & Showbiz Concerts through i-Wave with recent concerts such as The Palace, Yesterday Once More Retro Music Festival, and Nuvo Love Story Concerts over the past 6 months.

And, Wave Entertainment has also invested in alternative energy via Thai Solar Energy (Public Company) or TSE as a strategic investment in renewable energy.