Activity “Wall Street English – Big Box Big Boon” in Chiang Mai

To mark the celebration of its 15th anniversary on 15 November 2018, Wall Street English Thailand organized an activity called “Wall Street English – Big Box Big Boon”, which is a volunteer camp established to teach English language to students in rural area of Chiang Mai.

The activity was led by Mr. Olarn Phirintharangkoon, Chief Executive Officer of Wall Street English (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and his team, together with students from Wall Street English, Central Festival Chiangmai and Maya. English language learning books, learning tools, teaching media, and sports equipment donated by Wall Street English’s students were given to students of Chao Por Luang Uppatham 1 School, Baan Mong Doi Pui so that the students can enjoy learning English through various media other than textbooks.

The event was divided into morning and afternoon session. In the morning session after Professor Varin Jaitong, Director of Chao Por Luang Uppatham 1 School, Baan Mong Doi Pui expressing warm welcome to Wave Group, Mr. Olarn Phirintharangkoon, Chief Executive Officer of Wall Street English, informed participants objectives of the activity. The activity is in line with Wall Street English Thailand’s intention to giving back to society in various forms through corporate social responsibility activities along with conducting its business.

After the welcome ceremony, Wall Street English’s team and students invited the students to divide into teams in order to play English vocabulary game with pictures. The game was fun and entertaining and Wall Street English’s team led the game. Following the end of the game, Wall Street English’s team gave awards to every team and stationery to all students participated in the activity. After the activity, Wall Street English’s team and students had lunch with the students and walked around the school to observe teaching and learning activities at the school.

Prior to the end of the activity, Professor Varin, Director of the school, summarized that the students had received various benefits from the event organized by Wall Street English. The students had met new teachers and new experience from the activity. It provided an opportunity for the students to use existing knowledge in answering English language quiz. The students had fun and it was an experience to remember. The students had the chance to see value, and had good perceptions towards learning, of English language which is very important to the students’ daily life since they meet tourists every day.