Youth Development and Human Resources Development

Index Creative Village Public Company Limited is entering its 28th anniversary as event agency, which is a core business of the company. The company’s long-term objective is to share knowledge and experience in event, marketing and creative marketing to youth and new generation, including providing them with an opportunity to learn such experience in real situations.

In 2018, the company has put great emphasis on development of youth and human resources as such activities are considered contribution to the development of society. Also, the company contributes to the development of event agency industry. These activities are part of corporate social responsibility activities (CSR). Set out below are summary on youth and human resources development activities by the company.

  1. The company provided an opportunity to students and the public to visit the company in order to share ideas and creativity and apply such ideas to their studies or jobs.
  2. The company provided an internship opportunity to university students in order to increase their skills and learn about knowledge on event, marketing and creative marketing for various professions. The students may develop on such skills and knowledge in the future.
  3. The company’s representative acted as special lecturer to develop human resources of the company and other organizations.